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About OG Affiliate

About OG Affiliate

Introduction of casino games that you can play for free
It will change to “WEB income” permanently
Start your “Gaming Affiliate” now.

Does that affiliate reward once you’re done?

OG Affiliate is a “gaming affiliate” that introduces online games, unlike existing affiliates.

Until now, Existing affiliates only provide a one-time reward but the gaming affiliate provides by OG Affiliates and introduces a casino game that can be played for free and online poker which will lead to WEB income permanently and you also can earn the commissions.

Would you like to earn “WEB income” with your new “gaming affiliate”?

What kind of affiliate is a gaming affiliate?

Gaming affiliate is the casino games, online poker, sports betting, bookmakers that are becoming increasingly popular even in today’s books, mahjong, horse racing, and other highly gambling games. Affiliate introduces online games is called “gaming affiliate”.

OG Affiliate introduces only excellent gaming sites that are fully compatible with everyone speaks English under special favorable conditions only for OG affiliate.

Can gaming affiliate make money consistently?

Affiliate is already widely used. Gaming affiliate has introduced a reward system called permanent commission, which is completely different from other affiliates.

Up to now, Affiliate has posted advertisements
such as affiliate banners on the mediums, your site / blog / email, magazine, etc.
and you basically could get a reward only once when you access the site to sell products or register for free, etc.

It is an affiliate that spreads by touching that anyone can easily earn advertising income by using their own blog etc. but just because it is a one-time reward.
The actual situation is that if you can not keep getting a new access, it will be very difficult to keep getting the reward and the threshold is very high.

However, gaming affiliate is different.

The users of gaming affiliate who register by introducing from your media will only pay as long as they play on the gaming site, and will continue to receive affiliate rewards from the sales generated on the gaming site.

A permanent affiliate reward is “A Permanent Commission”

In overseas where gaming affiliates are popular, there are cases in which young people around the age of 20 earn tens of millions of yen annually. It can be said that this is possible because the “Permanent Commission”
makes a continuous income with once introduced.

Each gaming site has absolutely a lot of free games in addition to paid games and registration is free so you can introduce free registration of gaming sites. It’s a very casual affiliate, but there is a chance to earn permanently a “WEB income”.

By all means, Please get a permanent affiliate reward.

OG affiliate provides online casino affiliates.

Among the many gaming sites, OG Affiliate will provide the affiliate programs of the excellent online casino games that are most popular among users and can be the most reliable for their affiliates.

Why an online casino?

The reason is simple.

The reason is that online casinos have been stable and popular for many years and the excellent online casinos affiliated with OG affiliate which has a solid track record of repaying affiliate fees to many affiliates.

Why online casinos are so popular?
1 You can play anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

You can play the casino games 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as long as you have an online PC.

2 Because the third party is solid and you can play with confidence.

It may sound suspicious to hear that it is an online casino but that’s not the point.

Each online casino is located in an online casino legal nation and it is legally operated with a permit issued directly by the government of each country. There is also a very strict examination to get a permit and unlike the image. Online casino is a very clean industry where the elimination of mafia and gangsters etc.

In addition, software manufacturers that provide casino games also inspect each game from a third-party organization to maintain fairness such as payout rates.

There are many online casinos and gaming software companies listed on the London Stock Market and NASDAQ and they are the online casinos that provide a highly recognized and safe gaming environment worldwide.

3 It is easier to make money than other gambling.

Online casinos have the highest payout rates.
“Payout rate” represents “probability of winning” in gambling.
It is the percentage of the bet amount that the player has bet which is returned as a prize.
It is said that horse racing is usually 70% and lottery is 40%.
Online casinos are exceptionally high at around 96% -97%.

Some games show online payout rates as close to 99%.
If you look at this, you can see how much the lottery and horse racing are not worth and the gambling where the return is unexpected.

Online casinos have been capable to payout rates by completing their services online without having a store. With this high payout rate, users can experience winning with a high probability even if they are playing casino games normally which can lead to a high rate.

Is it legal to play an online casino?

It is legal. Because….

The online casino is a sound service that is operated with the permission of the government agency.

Why playing online casinos is legal?

In the case of online casinos, there is no law that applies to them. As the providers are operating completely legally.

In the other words, it is unlikely that you will be punished for playing an online casino that is based in another country.

Since there is no regulation law, it cannot be said that it is legal at present.

As the recent trend of attracting casinos in countries, we can imagine the trend toward casino legalization in the future, The legalization of online casinos may be in the not too distant future.

How much can a gaming affiliate earn?

This is a simulation. Please take a look.

The maximum amount of online casino reward is 25% of the casino’s sales from the users who attracted them. (No matter how many times you play.)

In the other words, the more attracted players, the more rewards are continuously accumulated. If you are lucky enough to attract rich VIP players who like games, it is not impossible to win a large amount of rewards at once.

Here is a simulation of affiliate rewards. (* If the attracted player makes monthly sales of $ 500 and the commission rate is 25%)

You can imagine that you can continue to receive large amount of affiliate reward just by attracting 5-8 players each month. By all means, you should earn a permanent “WEB income”

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